Monday, January 22, 2007

Take the Sexy Survey

Yeah, I know, we all say we just want a nice guy with a good sense of humor who cleans up after himself, but I write romance novels and ‘relationship mysteries’ and I’ve been wondering lately what women really want. You know…on a gut (or lower) level. Hence the following survey. So help me out folks. Hop on in here, take the survey (vote 1-10 in each of the 5 categories) or just tell us what or who rings your bell.

Example--if you prefer the dark and dangerous type like Denzel Washington vote 1. If you’re way into the fair, English type of gent, vote 10. But if you’re somewhere in between, just pick a number. This is for science ladies so be honest. (I’m kidding, I’m about as scientific as a toothpick.) But I am still collecting names from our devoted readers to win the end of the month prize, so chime in.

A. Coloring:
1 (Denzel dark) -------------------------------------10 (Fair Law--that’s Jude Law)

B. Height:
1 (Short--think Cruise, not Tinkerbell )--------------10 (Leggy like Liam Neeson)

C. Age:
1 (Baby Bloom)--------------------------------------10 (Sean Connery--aging but still Sean)

D. Hair:
1 (Long--remember Val Kilmer in Willow?)----------10 (Bruce Willis Bald)

E. Refinement
1. (Pretty like Pierce)--------------------------------10 (Rugged like Rocky)

Odd but interesting facts about above-mentioned men:

Sylvester Stallone (Rocky, Rambo) was the product of a forceps birth which severed a facial nerve and paralyzed the lower left side of his face, producing his signature sneer. He spent his first five years in Hell’s Kitchen, bouncing from foster home to foster home and was voted ‘most likely to end up in the electric chair’. He acted in an all nude off Broadway play called Score before hitting it big with Rocky.

Liam Neeson (Rob Roy, Star Wars-Phantom Menace) was born in Ballymena, Northern Ireland, stands 6’4” in his stocking feet, was a pugilist until a blackout kept him from the ring. He’s dated Julia Roberts, Brooke Shields, and Barbra Streistand, probably not all at the same time.

Orlando Bloom (The Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Caribbean) has dyslexia and didn’t know who his real father was until later in life. In 1998 he broke his back after falling three stories. Thank God he didn’t hurt anything important. Like his face.

Sean Connery (every film ever made) was born in 1930. In 1949 he became a nude model for Edinburgh Art College. Forty years later he was voted Sexiest Man Alive to which he commented, “Well there aren’t very many sexy dead men, are there?”

So ladies, as Victoria Secret says, “What’s sexy?”


Helen Brenna said...

Sexy is as sexy does!

I vote 3,5,5,3,3.

lois greiman said...

I don't know what that means, Helen. Explain. :)

Helen Brenna said...

I don't know what it means either, Lois. But it sounded good - LOL!

Remember on Forest Gump when he quotes his mother, "Stupid is as stupid does."?? I love that saying.

Cindy Gerard said...

Hoochie Mamma. Can we start out EVERY week with pictures of these hunks? Got my motor running, let me tell you. Even though I can't win :o( I think I vote a solid 9. I wonder what that says about me. Scary.

Michele said...

Coloring - 1 (pale like Paul Bettany)

Height - taaaallll (and skinny with muscles)

Age - depends ;-) What are we doing with this man? Arm candy? Younger. Sex? Older.

Hair - military short (re: Jason Statham)

Refinement - PIerce with a mix of Johnny's subtle danger


Betina Krahn said...

Hey. What a way to start a Monday morning!

Coloring: 3 to 7. The extremes don't do it for me, but I daydream toward dark with light hazel or blue eyes.

Height: 7-10. Tall guys do it for me.

Age: 30's to 40's if I'm daydreaming.

Hair: 1,2,3 or 9,10. Lots of hair or sexy bald. I was going to say little in between, but then Michele mentioned Jason Statham's military cut and I'm all confused again. So, I guess any kind of hair can work, if it's the right guy.

Refinement: 2,3,4. I really like
smooth guys with great manners and an internal smolder. . . guys who contain a beast inside and can go from dandy to dangerous in 0.6 seconds! (Sean Connery in the early Bond films. Daniel Craig in a tux, playing cards one minute and bashing a bad guy's head in the next. What can I say, I'm a basic kind of a woman.)

So. Does all of this help, or are we just confusing the issue more?

:) Betina

lois greiman said...

So Betina likes tall, Hauf likes pale, Cindy likes men and Helen wants to philosophize. :) Got it.

But what about hirsuit guys? Brosnan has a virtual pelt. That do it for anyone? Or does it just not matter with Brosnan, cuz he' know, an Irish 007 who used to be Remington Steele?

Debra Dixon said...

Okay, my "play list" is very eclectic. I would total screw up the control group study. (g)

I like Jeff Goldbloom and Christian Slater and blond Orlando and dark Orlando and Viggo, but really only the dark Viggo. The list is endless.

I like Christian Bale and balding Bruce. Love Tom Skerrit but the older-but-not-senior Tom. I'm not sure he was as yummy doing his earlier years.

Betina Krahn said...

OOOOh, Deb. You like Tom Skerrit, too? There are a lot of guys who are not traditionally handsome but have something sexy about them. the one exception is James Gandolfini. (sp?) When people started talking about how the Sopranos' don was so sexy in an everyman sort of way, I was totally confused. NOT. Same thing with Tom Sizemore. ZIP. NADA. Not the slightest tingle.

But Deb, Jeff Goldblum has definite potential. LOVED him in the Jurassic Park movies. Okay, it might have been the math geek thing-- I love men who can pull off brilliance and make it funny and sexy. "The Fly," not so much.

:) Betina

Helen Brenna said...

I LOVE Jeff Goldblum, Betina. Tom Skerrit. And I'm with you on James Gandolfini and Tom Sizemore. They do nothing for me.

Michele said...

Christian Bale. Nummy.

About those hairy chested guys... I've been watching Six Feet Under, and one of the main guys has a pelt, and frequent bedroom scenes. The chick he's paired with is often shown playing with his chest hair. I'm sorry, but it just freaks me out! I think it would make me sneeze all that hair.

Heck, when I met the hubby he had like two chest hairs. That's enough for me. :-) (And more information than you all wanted, I'm sure.)

lois greiman said...

I don't even know who Skeritt and Sizemore are. What am I missing.

And come on, Michele, some men can wear a pelt and get away with it.

Helen Brenna said...

As for me, I love pelts!!

Betina Krahn said...

Front pelts, fine. Back pelts, ick.

:) Betina

Bella said...

I like this exercise! I hope I’m not too late to add my two cents' worth...?

Colouring: in the middle of the range - a little olivey is good. And I'm a sucker for green eyes.

Height: Tall (over 6'2') but no runner beans; built, but no gym bunnies. Matt Damon in the Bourne movies gets pretty close to perfect for me. (As an aside, I'd have to say some of my favourite bodies have belonged to fellow rock climbers. Just beautiful to look at… Lovely backs, arms, legs and tummies – strong, defined muscles without that over-the-top bulk.)

Age: thirties to early forties.

Hair: Dark. The length depends on the guy, I think. Outdoorsy types can get away with a bit of extra. (Brad Pitt – not dark, I know – coming out of the forest in Legends of the Fall gets a thumbs up.)

Refinement: I like a touch of rough, myself (nothing too perfect/pretty), but it needs to be balanced with a little bit of class. (Like Betina, I completely agree re. Daniel Craig; I have already told my husband that I'll be divorcing him if Daniel calls me for a date ; - ))

I guess the old cliche “tall, dark and handsome” applies in my case: Daniel Craig, Johnny Depp, George Clooney, Colin Firth (but only in his role as Mr Darcy in P&P…).

On the pelt issue, a sprinkling is OK but anything too Austin Powers would have me running in the other direction ; - )

Now, where can I mail order this fantasy guy?

Betina Krahn said...

Bella dear, you and I are on the same page. I'll arm wrestle you for that date with Daniel!

LOL on the Austin Powers pelt! and I love your description of tall and skinny as "runner beans."

Come back and join the conversation any time!

:) Betina

Anonymous said...

Dark, tall (6 ft at least), 40+, short hair and rugged--that's what I call a MAN.