Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Cindy: On a lighter note ....

Hi gang. Cindy here. Being the new kid on the block (metaphorically speaking) I didn’t get a chance to wish everyone happy holidays as I wasn’t ‘officially’ on board until now. So please indulge me while I introduce you to a glimpse of life in the Gerard household and offer my late holiday greetings.

Beside, I’m in the mood for Christmas – now that I MADE my deadline – well almost. I was only 3 days late so that’s like the 3 second rule, right? If you drop a cookie on the floor and pick it up within 3 seconds, it doesn’t count as a drop and you can eat it. So I figure my 3 day deadline delay doesn’t count as a delay at all. But then, I never got ‘new math’ so what do I know.

But back to Christmas. I’m in the mood because winter finally hit the heartland. Almost makes me want to get all the decorations out again that took me ALL day to put away yesterday. (Someone, please talk some sense into me!!)

This ‘mood’ all came about because our first snow of the season finally arrived in Iowa, very unusual for it to come so late. Not that I’m complaining. But a snowfall like this one - unlike what those poor people have been experiencing west of here – is beautiful. Pristine and white and new – for the new year.

This is what I see when I look out my sunroom window today – that’s Hoot and Too Tall taking a snooze in the midday sun. These are just two of our ‘herd’ of quarter horses and in case you are wondering, no. I don’t ride. I leave that to my hubby. Me, I just take pictures and pet them.

Speaking of pets, we’ve always had dogs – read sofa slugs – but have never been cat people. Until last year, that is, when two very enterprising barn cats discovered the doggie door and invited themselves into canine territory. It made for some interesting hissing matches at first but we soon settled in to a cat/dog household.
And yes, we are now converts. We love those two little critters and can’t imagine life without them. That's Buddy playing Where's Waldo in a basket full of stuffed toys shortly after he made himself a part of the family.

That's Sly in his favorite perch in the middle of my little Christmas

village. How he managed to get in there every night and not tip over a single piece I'll never know.

And last but not least, here's our Ellie. Now, this is HER bed but notice who 's taking up the lion's share of the cushy pillow???

Okay, enough with the animals. You now have a brief glimpse of life at the animal house. I'm sure many of you have an animal house of your own.
We'd love to hear about them.

Until next time, to all of you who have resolved to lose some weight during the new year (like Moi) I hope it's going 'off' well.:o)


lois greiman said...


Love the pet shots. Here in the Greiman household, we have six newborn golden retriever puppies. My daughter was sooooooooo thrilled to find her bathroom had been converted into a doggie nursery....again.

Cindy Gerard said...

Awe, Puppies.
So much fun - and so much trouble. I both envy and sympathize with you. Talk about time drains. Either you can't get yourself away from them because they are so cute and funny or you're cleaning up something they destroyed.
Have fun :o)

Helen Brenna said...

Cindy, a very warm welcome to you in joining our blog as a full-fledged Rider! So happy to have you here.

I can't believe 2 barn cats settled into your house on their own, let alone that they sleep curled up together like that with you dog! Amazing.

Love the horses' names, too!

Betina Krahn said...

Cindy, Welcome! We're so pleased to have you here! And another animal lover! Like Helen, I LOVED the animal photos. How interesting that the barn cats wised up and became house cats! Clever little scamps. And I loved the Waldo thing. . . perfect for that pic.

I envy you your deadline meeting-- and yeah, the three day rule applies. Right now I don't have a deadline and am meandering my way through a book, having way too much fun. Also worrying that I'm spiralling off into unproductive directions that I'm going to regret later. sigh. It's never perfect. Deadlines harangue us, but when we don't have them, we angst for them!

Anyway, welcome again! And the last one out at the rest stop has to pick up all the soda cups and french fry bags in the back seat!

:) Betina

Debra Dixon said...

I'm going to add my "yeehaws!" to the welcome for you, Cindy.

We're animal people here too!

Loved the pics, but mucho jealous of your view!

Cindy Gerard said...

Hey guys
No need to be jealous - the snow comes with coollldddd and man is it freezing here.
And Betina - I hear you on the deadline issue. I couldn't wait to be out from under and now I feel like a poor little lost soul, wandering around out here trying to figure out where to go next.:o)

Kathleen Eagle said...

Welcome Cindy! What beautiful critters chez vous. I wish we could keep at least one of our horses in the yard. But that would mean returning to my rural period. Not sure I'm ready to go there. I do think about it when I see pix like yours.

And I do love piling into the pink Caddie with my lovely friends and taking these long drives in the country with the top down!

Cindy Gerard said...

Kathy et all. Any time you ladies get a hankering for the rural life, just pile in the convertible and come on down. We have enough horses to go around - and my cowboy hubby would love to give you all riding lessons if you need them.
Me. I don't ride. Bad things tend to happen to my body when I ride. It changes colors - like black and blue and purple. Last time I rode I ended up with a concussion, a sprained neck and a bruise on my butt the size of Texas. Of course, since my butt is approximately the size of Texas, I guess that was to be expected :o)

anne frasier said...

hi cindy! so nice to see one of my favorite peeps joining the blog! love the photos!

Cindy Gerard said...

Hey Theresa. How the heck are you? Loved Pale Immortal, btw. Anxious for the next installment

Anne said...

Hi Cindy! Cute pics. Looks like my two dogs right now, both curled up on one pillow and snoring away.