Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Another New Rider

Riding around with the top down isn't as much fun without a little California sunshine, so we've squeezed one more Rider into the backseat.

Please welcome Christie Ridgway!

Christie is the USA Today bestselling author of 20 plus books for Avon and Silhouette, the most recent being the December release, NOT ANOTHER NEW YEAR'S. Her first day to blog is scheduled for Tuesday, January 30th, so stay tuned.

It's getting crowded in the convertible, so I'm going to guess this is it. But then, you just never know.

Welcome, Christie!


Cindy Gerard said...

Welcome Christie!!
These ladies really know how to go on a road trip. And what great company. So settle in, get your fav station on the radio and let's cruise.

lois greiman said...

Hey Christie, I'm wishing I were in sunny CA right now. It's cold and windy up here in the northland. Good to have you with us.

Anne said...

I LOVE your books Christie! Yay for joining the blog. Enjoy the sunshine in CA, but isn't it cold there right now? a friend of mine said in southern CA it was lows in the 20s, highs in the 50s. Brrr for down there.

Christie Ridgway said...

Thanks for the welcome! Our weather in SoCal is a little unusual...I found some ear muffs to keep myself warm with the top down.

I'm glad you guys could squeeze me in. It's an incentive for the 2007 diet!

Christie Ridgway said...

Hah! Anne, we must have cross-posted. Yes, weird cold here. I'm harvesting the avocados and the Mexican limes off the backyard trees before they shiver themselves off the branches.

And one of my kids has surf team practice this afternoon. It's going to be so cold, even with a wetsuit. Lucky me will be sitting in the car and watching through binoculars.

Helen Brenna said...

Surf team practice for your son, snowboarding for mine. Cute!

It's going to be great having you here, Christie!

Susan Kay Law said...

Oh, one of my favorite people. Despite the fact that (as you can see) she's way cute and smart and way too adorable to hang around with, except she's also funny and nice. (Except she tries to insist that she's not all that "nice", but I mean it in a good way. Not in the "she's not kinky" way. :))

Christie, how long have we known each other? It must be a number of years I'm unwilling to admit to in public. On line first, and then at Avon together, and now at Berkley together.

I know our kids were little when we first met though. Yikes!

I'm pretty sure we still look exactly the same as we did back then, if not better, though.


Betina Krahn said...

Yea, Christie! Welcome yet again! It will be so good to have somebody else from a "sunshine state". . . even if it's not as cool as Florida. (cough, cough.)

Hey, we're on opposite ends of the country! Wow. And we'll get to meet here every morning for a ride in the convertible. Isn't technology just the coolest thing? Makes me all kinds of glad that I broke down and joined the 21st Century!

And I love that pic of you, Christie! I met you years ago and from the look of things, as Susie said, you haven't changed a bit! In one of your blogs you'll have to share some secrets of your youthfulness. Maybe tell us the name of your face cream or the artist who painted the portrait you have hanging in the back of the closet. . .

:) Betina

Christie Ridgway said...

Susie: We've known each other for a looong time, but hey, weren't we in junior high?

And thanks for the compliments on the youthfulness, but I just have to say that I'm using a new face cream that is supposed to make me look younger but is giving me pimples instead. It says to keep on working with it, but I don't know. I wasn't going for 13!

Debra Dixon said...

Yay, Christie!!

Can't wait to see you wade into the blog. You're funny, articulate and occasionally zany. :) And then there's your whole serious side as well.

Should be good times ahead. :)

Kathleen Eagle said...

Christie, welcome! It's great to have your smiling face in our merry midst and your sharp wit spicing up our cartalk.