Friday, December 01, 2006

Ho, Ho, Hell

by Susie

Theoretically, I love Christmas. I adore parties (well, usually) and love, love, love having my family around. I like to cook, like to eat even more, and this is the best excuse I know. I don't mind cold weather, and I actually LIKE snow. I'm right fond of getting presents, and love nothing more than giving someone I love the right thing.

So what's wrong?

It's finding that right thing that's the trick.

You see, I hate shopping.

I know, I know. I missed a gene somewhere along the way. I can while away a happy few hours in an uncrowded bookstore that has nice cushy chairs, but that's about it. Crowded mall and stores, full parking lots . . . NOT my idea of a good time.

The internet's been a boon to me. I'm perfectly happy noodling around with my computer on my lap. Even better that I can ship directly to family scattered around the country.

But I'm in need of new ideas. All you smart people must have some wonderful suggestions for me.

I've gotten my cousin's little girls some lovely toys from, and adults who have everything often get a donation to the Heifer Project in their name. But I know there's more out there . . . help! What are your favorite sites/presents? Take pity on me. I've got a whole raft of young adults to buy for, for one thing, that are in that tough stage if you don't know what music/DVDs/video games they already own.

Susie, looking for assistance


Helen Brenna said...

From one shopping hater to another, when in doubt give cash!

Candace said...

Or gift cards. I send a lot of those. Basically, qa gift card is cash but it says (I think) I've put some thought into considering the giftee's personality/tastes, etc. For instance, my health nut brother gets one from GNC, my mother gets one from a scrapbook store, various friends get bookstore, Starbucks, Pier One, or Victoria Secret gift cards. And my teenaged nephew gets one from Hot Topics (an alternative music related apparel and accessories store;they're in most malls). You can even get gift cards to Ebay for those who are addicted to shopping there.

Betina Krahn said...

Okay, I know this is dangerous territory, but lately I've been giving music to people I love. Collections of music, specifically. Composers, artists, eras. . . there are a million compilations out there and there's one for everybody.

Healing music? They've got that. Exercise or yoga music? All over the place. Meditation music? Sure. Natural sounds from waterfalls to thunderstorms to howling wolves-- yep. Sixties or Seventies greats for dancing? Absolutely. Beethoven or Little Wolf Band or John Mayer or Pink or 50 Cent or the Medieval Babes. . . there's something for everybody. And few people are so hard-shelled they can't listen to something bought with them in mind and appreciate it.

Of course, there's always that exception. . . which is why I always have a spare set of sock-garters on hand. . . for that unexpected, undeserving Scrooge.

Often I find a kind of gift that can go for everybody on my shopping list. . . one year Bath and Body Works collections I put together myself. . . another year everybody got Land's End tote bags monogramed with their initials. This year several people (not everybody, alas)are getting special stone hearts carved from minerals and crystals and polished. . . each stone representing something the person would love to have in their life. . . calm, peace, healing, love, health, insight, prosperity, etc.

Some years I'm attracted to light and so candles and special votive holders from Orefors or Waterford are the ticket. Some years it's edibles. . . like the year I found the "Novus" whole leaf teas in the cool pyramid bags. It was a novelty and made really great tea, too!

Yeah, some may say I lack imagination, but I prefer to think I'm giving a part of me to them while connecting with their tastes and desires.

Ooooh. . . also personalized stationery. If you're interested, there is way cool stuff at I just dropped a bundle there for a wedding gift. . . five kinds of personalized stationery for a new bride and groom. Nothing says "I'm paying attention to you" like something that's personalized!

Happy Shopping!

:) Betina