Sunday, November 12, 2006

Seven Days Out...

Ah heck! I have shirked my duties. That makes me a shirker. (Yeah, I looked it up. shirker: a person who evades work, duty, responsibilty, etc.) But seriously I wasn't trying to evade today's post regarding what you all can expect for the rest of the week, it just slipped my mind. But I promised Helen I'd post, so here I am.

Only. Oh heck, again. I don't have the schedule of who is blogging on what day this week, so let me just say it's going to be another rousing week with scintillating discussion and delicious conversation. We'll even toss in a Burning Question on Wednesday for those who Need To Know.

And an update regarding three riders' trip this Saturday to the Deep Valley book festival. We didn't kill each other after almost 14 hours together. In fact, we all survived the looooong event by talking, gabbing, doing some truly stunning sales-work, and scarfing down pizza, cookies, strawberry Frooties, chocolate, soup, and chicken McNuggets. All in all, the event was a success!


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anne frasier said...

yay to no killing!!! that's always good!!

sounds like the event was a lot of fun.