Thursday, November 09, 2006

Riding With The Top Up

Posted by Michele

On Saturday, three of us (me, Lois and Kathleen) are headed out on a road trip to the Deep Valley Book Festival. We'll be riding with the top up, of course, because while it was 72 degrees here on Wednesday, the weatherman promises snow and 30s come the weekend. The event is about a 2 1/2 hour ride from here, and I"ve already claimed the front seat (did you hear that Kathleen?), cause being in the back is not good for my unstable brain that gets dizzied by a simple dancer's spin on solid ground. :-)

So I'm trying to gather things I need for the trip. The show is focused on Minnesota authors, and we each get a booth to show off our wares. The three of us get one booth, and I suspect (from reading the list of attending authors) we may be a bit of a surprise to the attendees with our covers that feature half-naked men and titles that suggest this ain't your usual kiddie books and cozy mysteries, or even nonfiction military reads. Watch out Deep Valley, here we come!

Now, I need supplies to survive a road trip, no matter the length. First, that front seat is important because I do get sick in the back. Then, I think I need to tote the iPod along. What if the driver (Lois) prefers country? What if we get bored of chatting after that first hour? (Unlikely). But I'll bring it, because the day doesn't end until the festival closes at 9pm (starts at 10 am, with us piling into the car at 7). Long day; must have music.

I must pack snacks as well. The town we're going to is a small midwest site. Do they have snacks there? Healthy Luna bars and bottled water and the ever-important chocolate? I'd better bring double, in case the other two forget their own. And reading material. Not for in the car, makes me dizzy, but for the festival when I'm tired of putting on my smiling author face and nodding for the thousandth time that 'yes, i did write that'. I suspect I'll need a few breaks just to unwind and breathe. I'll tote along a research book that needs important points highlighted.

Music, snacks, books, let's see...what else do I need? What do you need to survive a road trip? A long day spent at a show where you're the one behind the booth? Tell me!

The day will be a long one, but I suspect, quite fun, considering the three of us get along well. But will we even want to look at one another after hour nine? :-) I'll report back!


Debra Dixon said...


Aspirin, chapstick, gel shoe inserts or emergency tennis shoes.

I too need my "stuff" for road trips. Just in case. I'm fortunate that my husband loves to drive but is not that fond of talking, so that leaves me with all that fabulous travel time to read, knit, watch DVD's, listen to music, research, and even write. And I take lots of stuff. Multiple everything usually. You never know what you'll be in the mood for!

One of my talents is the ability to do almost anything as a passenger without throwing up. There are exceptions. My husband gives me a warning before we enter any twisty winding mountain roads or twisty follow-the-coast highways.

When traveling with girlfriends and writers, there is much less need for the road entertainment kit, but I find I always bring stuff, just in case.

Have fun on the road trip!

anne frasier said...

sorry i'm not going, but i think i made the right choice. i don't have the stamina right now, plus i have a book due in 3 weeks. but i'm bummed! :( months ago i'd considered going the night before and staying at a bed and breakfast so the whole thing would be a little less hectic. anything to keep from getting up before
8:00, and i like to get some pampering in when i can!

i've also heard mankato is an interesting little town.

have fun!!
can't wait to hear all about it!!!

Helen Brenna said...

I get car sick easily, too, Michele, so I prefer to drive, or sit in the passenger seat.

One thing I can't live without on a roadtrip is gum. I go through a pack of it within a few hours.

Cell phone, sunglasses, portable dvd for the kids if it's a long drive. Sudoku books.

Enjoy your trip!

Betina Krahn said...

Michele, you're going to have a great time! I can't wait to get a full report.

One of my fondest writer memories was a road trip Lois, Mary Bracho, Susan Sizemore and I took to a northern Illinois mega-signing. We stayed overnight a place or two. . . and had great food and lots of time to talk. It was really fun.

And too many years ago!

I-pod. Book. Legal pad for inspired scribbling. Oh, and Hall's mentho-lyptus. Can't ever have too many of those. Last, but not least, a good pair of fingernail snippers. I always seem to break and tear fingernails when traveling. I hate it that airlines won't let me bring them aboard in my purse these days!

:) Betina

Michele said...

Aspirins and fingernail clippers! I could not get by without those. Thanks, ladies.

And bummer that Anne won't be along with us. There's still time to change your mind, Anne. :-)


Candace said...

Big Hunks. No, not guys! Candy bars. They are one of my favorite candy bars but I only eat them on road trips. And only if I buy them on the road at rest stops and gas stations.

Other than Big Hunks, I need a cooler with bottled water, grapes, and apples. And, if I'm not driving and it's going to be a long trip--books.