Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The Burning Question

posted by Helen

Do you have any emotional attachments to objects? Cars, t-shirts with holes in them, favorite collanders? Come on everyone. Let's hear it!


Helen Brenna said...

I have a favorite sweatshirt. It's so old I have no idea how long I've had it. I got paint on it a while back, so now I wear it inside out.

My kids think I'm crazy, but they obviously don't understand that when you find a piece of clothing that fits perfectly and is the kind of weight and texture for any weather, you don't ditch it because of a little paint.

Defensive, protective? Me? No.

lois greiman said...

I generally don't get attached to 'things'. But my kids are strangely jealous of my horse. Maybe it's because I say things like "he's my reason for living." :) And my cat, with whom I discuss world politics and the kids' shortcomings...while the kids are within hearing of course...otherwise there would be no point...since the kids are everything kids should be and I just like to mess with their wee little minds. Tee hee

Helen Brenna said...

But, Lois, it's so easy to mess with them, isn't it?

Michele said...

Ah, emotional attachment to animals. I call my cat Sebastian 'my guy'. I don't even think I call The Hubby that, and do try not to do it when he's within hearing distance. But the cat knows who rules. :-)

I guess I'm pretty protective about my pillow. NO ONE touches mom's pillow. It's like when you have kids, everything you own is their's to touch, tromp over, spill on and smush, crush or spindle. But I have to have one thing that is off limits, only mine, mine, MINE!

Debra Dixon said...

I have lots of things I'm attached to. They're never pretty or valuable but they work for *me.* Like a t-shirt that has been sadly past it's prime for such a long time that I finally gently laid to rest in the trash yesterday. It was more like the "suggestion" of a t-shirt really. ::sigh::

I had my own box of crayons with my son was little because he just didn't treat his right. ::grin::

Betina Krahn said...
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Betina Krahn said...

I have a little gold necklace with a butterfly charm on it that my Mom gave me when I was having some problems many years ago. She said that when I looked at it, I'd remember that there is always hope.
I've worn that simple little necklace most of my life since. Nothing fancy, but full of meaning and connection for me.

These days, I seem to get attached to objects that have memorable texture (like my stone heart made of earthy green agate) or fit in with my belief system (like my spiral candle sculpture). High on my list is the pair of swan feathers Rex gave me when we were first dating. . . they're from the rare Royal Swans that were a gift to the city of Lakeland from the Queen of England.

And yeah, I have cookware. Like an ugly lime green Pyrex salad bowl that was owned and used by my grandmother. . . and now does yeoman duty in my own kitchen. It matches nothing, but I use it often and remember her every time I do. The same with a wonderful big stock pot that belonged to my late mother-in-law. . . she's remembered fondly every time I cook pasta or make soup or chili!

Great question!

:) Betina