Tuesday, October 10, 2006

When heroes go SUPER.

Betina here.

Fresh from watching an interesting new TV series called "Heroes." I missed the pilot of the series, so I'm not sure how all of this works, but it seems that a number of individuals in separate locations have experienced an awakening of supernatural abilities during unrelated incidents. . . which just happen to occur at the same time. There may be some sort of conspiracy or a larger power at work summoning these people to dig deep into their DNA and come up with something the world needs. Or it may be that these people are the results of a nefarious and underhanded plot to take over the world.

Cool. I love SciFi stories. An X-files-ish, conspiracy-laden story always hooks me. Add to that: exploring the notion of ordinary people suddenly finding that they're not who they thought they were. . . that something about them is different from this day forward.

Makes me wonder how I'd react if I got that magical spider bite. I've never been good with heights. Or spandex. And I guess all that swinging from buildings might be considered aerobic exercise, but I'm not sure I'd trust the load capacity of any gunk that shot out of my wrist. But then. . . if I could read others thoughts, or heal magically, or teleport myself to various locations or go invisible at will. . . hey, I'd give it a try.

I think there's something basic to the human psyche that chafes at human limitations and wants desperately to transcend them. Maybe that explains our drive for technology; it's our attempt to reach beyond our frail human frames and sensory capacities.

We've always enjoyed stories of humans who were "more than." Starting with heroes and mythological characters and running down through the cultures to the present day. . . with our StarWars-ian heroes and the vampires and weres and Psi's of paranormals, and the preoccupation we seem to have with thinking someone wants to tinker with our DNA.

If my little theory is true, then the big trend for paranormal stories is not just a passing fancy, it touches something deep-seated in our souls and is probably here to stay. I for one, am happy as a clam at the prospect.

If I could have a superpower, I wondered, what would I want to be able to do? Hmmm. Maybe heal people. Yep, definitely healing people. But that invisibility thing would be great. And maybe being indestrucible. . . especially if I got a Wonder Woman bod in the deal.
How about a canine-sensitive sense of smell? How about hearing so sharp you could tune in on your date after he dropped you at the door? How about the power to influence electrical circuits and "direct" computers and machines? How about the ability to freeze or boil things at a glance? The ability to run at supersonic speeds or to breathe under water? Imagine being able to dive without gear and stay there for hours at a time. . .

Hmmmm. Lots of possibilities.

How about the ability to drain anger and leave people willing to listen and talk things through? How about the ability to multiply materials you touch. . . any materials, like foods, medicines, equipment. How about the ability to look into a person's eyes and know if they're telling the truth? How about having the ability to diagnose illness? How about the ability to put people instantly to sleep (like the fabled "Vulcan Pinch")? How about the ability to show people all of the outcomes of their actions down through the years, like the Ghost of Christmas Future?

Got you thinkin'? That's what I'm here for.

My special secret power. Bwahahahahaha!

So, what special ability would you like to have? What would you like to do for the world with it? Better yet, do you think there are people with "special abilities" among us now? Heard of any? What can they do?


Helen Brenna said...

Can I be a witch?

'Cause here's my problem. I don't want just one superpower. I want what I want when I want to have it. House clean? Wrinkle my nose. A child's sick and dying? Wrinkle my nose. Dinner in Paris? Wrinkle, wrinkle.

But that doesn't really count for superpowers, does it?

You got me, Betina.

I have a cousin who can tell all kinds of things about a person by touching them. She's had so many years of schooling in chiropractics, acupuncture, and kinesiology that I believe it's instinctual for her at this point.

Debra Dixon said...

Like Helen, I have a friend who can literally pinpoint problems in the body. She's a medical intuitive, and also has studied a zillion different disciplines.

It's really spooky when she comes back from being in Nova Scotia for 4 months and says even before she's says hello, "What is wrong with your __________." Fill in the blank. She nails it every time. Usually with an ailment I haven't even complained to my husband about.

And once I was complaining about my wrist and she started to work on my shoulder. I said, "No, my wrist." And she said, "It's not your wrist." She worked on my shoulder awhile and then my wrist was fine for 6 months!!

Now when she comes back for the summer I just let her fix whatever she thinks needs fixing! LOL!

The superpower I'd like would be the 24/7 superpower. I could be awake 24/7 and never feel tired. I could nap when the rain was pattering against the windows just because napping is lovely but I wouldn't *have* to catch some z's in order to function at my best.

Betina Krahn said...

Wow, you guys-- I had no idea there were such things as "medical intuitives." That is so cool! Whis I knew one!

Me? I've known people to get "hunches" that turn out to be 100% accurate, but I've always put that down to increased attention to detail or to intense reasoning ability.

And there I was thinking inside the Hollywood box!

Helen, I'd give you the "blink, blink" power in a heartbeat. I like the idea of that. . . can I have some, too?

And Deb, 24/7 Woman! LOL! Doesn't quite have the cache of, say, "Storm" or "Volta the Lightning Girl," but it would probably be a lot more useful! How creative!

More, more! My brain's buzzing with things I'd love to be able to do. . . or to have a hero or heroine do!

;) Betina

Helen Brenna said...

Yes, Deb, exactly. My cousin says most carpal tunnel problems people have with their wrists are due to shoulder problems. She can tell if you've eaten things you weren't supposed to be eating, if you've been smoking. Amazing.

Betina, I wish I could tell what my dogs and cats were thinking. Putting voices to their personalities would be fun.

And I like your idea of being able to drain anger. Boy, we could sure solve a lot of the world's problems with that one, huh?

Michele said...

Betina, you're tapping into your intuition, which I believe is the sixth sense we all have, but rarely use. Pay attention to it, and you'll be SuperIntuitive Woman before you know it. :-)

I started thinking what superhero I'd like to be then I got to the bottom of your post where it asked what power you'd have to help mankind. Oy. I suppose I would like to be that Intuitive WOman then, who touches people between their eyes and opens up their third eye to that sixth sense, so the whole world would start making smarter decisions and learning to love one another.

But for my completely selfish choice, I'd be TIme Travel Girl, and my outfit would be an 18th C frock coat over some snazzy velvet breeches. I could snap myself to any time period and return home at will. I'd probably spend a lot of time in the 18th century, but would most likely snap myself home for a hot tub and a flush toilet. Oh, and I'd have to be home every Wednesday night so I didn't miss LOST. :-)


Betina Krahn said...

Michele, I'm with you! If I had the power to grant it, you'd be installing "third eyes" or "eyes of understanding" all over the place! As a long-time historical writer, I'd love to sign up for time travel powers! But, you're right about being back for showers and potty stops. Hey, can we have matching cloaks?

And Helen, I love the idea of talking to animals! I thought of that just after I posted-- should have included it.

I actually have known some people who have a "special way" or a communion with animals. My dad was one and I have a touch of that myself. Dogs and horses love me and cats and other furries always gravitate to me. I don't think of it as anything special, though. . . just love.

:) Betina

anne frasier said...

i would like to be the invisible woman. i would get the scoop on everything.

Helen Brenna said...

Ooooh, good one, Anne!

Cheryl Wilson said...

Hey all, Betina sent me the link to this blog a few weeks ago, but this is the first time I've had to come post. Hi Betina! (waving)

After this weekend, I'd love two superheroine identities: 1) Grout Cleaner Girl and 2) Rewindra - with the ability to turn back time and change things you said or did (or didn't say or do).

Oh, and Clonestra, capable of spinning myself into hundreds of independent minions who could take care of all the things I want to do / should do / can't do. (and wouldn't that make housecleaning so much simpler with hundred pairs of hands to help?)