Monday, October 02, 2006

Moving Day

No, not that kind of moving day! We're not moving the entire household again. Just my office. I'm having a new floor installed today so yesterday I had to box everything up and move it all out. That part's all done. All my books and office supplies and files are packed up. I am sitting here in my office with just a desk and a computer--with my husband waiting (impatiently) for me to finish up and close down so he can disconnect everything. And then I will have to go all day--ALL DAY!--without Internet access. No email. No quick sidetrip to Goggle to check a fact. No Outlook appointment reminders.

How did I come to this? I used to be the kind of person who never even wore a watch! I could go days without reading a newspaper or watching TV! When did I become a technology junkie?

Are you a technology junkie? How long have you gone without Internet access? And how did you survive?


Jaye Wells said...

Actually, I'm a junky too. But one day I lost access for twenty-four hours. It was eye-opening how much I accomplished that day. I'm sure if I added up my non-productive hours on the computer each week I'd be ashamed of myself.

Helen Brenna said...

Jaye, sometimes what you think of as unproductive, isn't necessarily. Even down time can be productive.

I'd probably qualify as a tech junkie except for the fact that I don't own a laptop or an Ipod. When we're gone on vacation, I never connect.

Laptops's coming, though, in 2007, so I'll have to be careful! And now that I'm on deadline, I'll have to find some way to limit emails and internet.

Anyone have tried and true methods for limiting tech time?

Betina Krahn said...

No suggestions for limiting time here, Helen. I probably spend way too much time checking e-mail and blogging. But when I had to get a new computer last spring, the first thing I did was take off all the games.

But Candace. . . I did this very thing in July-- recarpeted and had to box-up my office and move. It was traumatic. So I decided to get rid of my big old "corner desk" and get a different desk. Which I did. Except that this desk is more a writing table and has no room for my files.

So. . . there are boxes sitting along one wall of my office while I decide what to get to handle files. Something that will be a lot easier to move than traditional file cabinets. Suggestions?

So, Candace, what kind of carpet did you get? I got one of those new styles that has a short, dense loop pile (no rows) and looks like a tight, nubbly surface. I wasn't sure I'd like it, but wown-- it's great. And no footprints or vacuum tracks! Now I need to pick out some new paint. Should I have done that before the carpet?

Jaye Wells said...

Helen, that's true. The time I spend on industry blogs or chatting are productive, just no in a concrete way like churning out pages. Sometimes it's easy to get burn out, though. That's when it's time to turn off the computer and rediscover the world outside your office.

Michele said...

I've had a few occassions where I've lost Internet from my server for an entire weekend. I panic, then I relax.

But then, I always realize just how much I depend on being 'connected'. There are some people I wouldn't even imagine picking up the phone and calling to chat, because I've only ever chatted with them via email. So it's weird to consider talking directly to them.

And while I can live without the internet (I rarely surf) I do have my morning blog crawl and friends to check in with.

Not to mention the roar that comes from my son's bedroom when HE can't connect online. No Warcraft for him that day. Not really a tragedy.

Remember when kids used to play outside? You couldn't even get the inside for even a few minutes? Nowadays a lot of them are in front of the computer. Sigh...


Debra Dixon said...

I hate it when cable goes down in the area because I'm a RoadRunner connect.

Until recently I also had a dial-up access account with AOL, so I had a back-up.

But I switched to the AOL free option last week, so if I have an outage in the future, I'll be...cut off! Yikes! I'm not sure how that will work.

I do limit the games I put on the computer. But BelleBooks has been the biggest limiter of my goofing-off time.

I've stopped traveling with the laptop. Too much security at airports to deal with that "second" carry-on bag.

But Wayne usually has his if we're on vacation and I am addicted to the DVD player if we're traveling by car.

Debra Dixon said...


Three walls of my office have wrap-around office furniture with serious file drawer action. But I like having some files handier than getting up to go over to the file cabinet.

I have a rolling black metal file basket for hanging files. Small shelf underneath the files. I just reach and pull toward me to get what I need and then push it back underneath the desk wing. If you don't overload with files, it's quite easy to move.

I do have hardwood floors and not carpeting though.

Betina Krahn said...

You know, I saw something like that, a little rolling file, in the Levenger catalog. I've been toying with the idea of getting three or four and putting thenm together to make a bench/credenza.

Thanks, Deb-- I'll look into that!


Kathleen Eagle said...

My office is tiny. Two sides totally windows, third has a small fireplace. I had California Closets do built-ins, shelving, file drawers, counter, computer desk and small writing desk. It's very organized. Now, if only I were.

I resisted the internet for a long time. I'm so distractable! I do find that e-mail cuts time spent on the phone and probably helps me keep friends longer. When I get on the phone I tend to rattle on. These are things I know about myself. You'd think I could just cut myself off, wouldn't you? I wonder if a timer would help.

I'm trying to save e-mail and the 'net for the end of the day or evening nowadays. What I'd like to do is check in the morning for possible business stuff and save the rest, but I haven't mastered the saving the rest part. I do best when I don't open anything in the morning--not the newspaper, e-mail, curtains--nothing but the WIP.