Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Halloween Happy Hour

Sorry, would have posted this sooner, but homework-costume-pizza-ordering crisis took precedence.

It seems ghoulishly appropriate having a happy hour on Halloween, doesn't it?

Let's see ... Betina was going to bring Bloody Marys. Anne might be bringing Lady Fingers, enough to share I hope. I'm drinking a glass of wine called, the Seven Deadly Zins. Does that work for Halloween?

Any Writhing Maggots or Vampire's Kisses out there? What does everyone else have bubbling in their cauldrons?

Anyone out there? Helloooo? Boo?

My son (left) and his friend, Shay, just took off trick or treating. They have offers the neighbors can't refuse.

This is my son (right) and his friend, Josh, before the football game last week! Having fun.!


Betina Krahn said...

Happy Hour! I'm here with the Bloody Marys. . . who wants the first one?

Helen, I love the Seven Deadly Zins! LOL!

Hey, what would you put in a Vampire's kiss? Hmmm. Checking out my goull's bartender guide. . .

Betina Krahn said...

Okay, I'm back with a full menu of tempting treats for you ghouls.

Dracula's Kiss - red and black layers are black cherry vodka and grenadine.

Ghostbuster - a ghost floats inside an ectoplasm. . . Irish creme poured in the middle of a mix of peach and melon liqueur.

Zommie - a misture of three kinds of rum, lenon juice, cherrries, ernges, and ganrishes. This is so potent I can't even spell it straight!

Swamp Water Surprise - Jello made with vodka and frozen. . . then mixed with blue curacao, orange and lemon juice, and lotsa rum. Garnish with plastic frogs or whatever dead bugs you can find. Whew!

And last but not least:

Black Martini - Blad(a brand)Vodka, which is black cherry vodka colored black. And of course, an olive. . . or cherry.

Any takers? I've got the blender warmed up!

anne frasier said...

darn, i'd planned on really tying one on here tonight, but i have a killer headache and am just crawling through to say have fun and happy halloween!

Helen Brenna said...

Hey Betina! Vampire's Kiss is vodka, gin, vermouth, tequila and tomato juice. That would do a number on me!

All your recipes make me wish I were having a party! Next year. Yess!

Helen Brenna said...

So sorry to hear that, Anne. Thanks for stopping by. Hope you feel better.

Betina Krahn said...

Well I just got back from a cruise through the haunted neighborhood and there are suddenly more goblins on the post! Cute kids, Helen! But maybe you should have somebody look at that odd skin condition. Maybe they could make his face all one color. he he!

:) Betina

vodka and cigarettes said...

I can't believe i missed the party! When will I learn that having the first drink before noon is a bad idea??? ;)