Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The Burning Question

Describe your perfect work day and your perfect day off.


Betina Krahn said...

You did say "perfect" right? LOL!

Up at 6:00 for some private time, shoes on at 7:00 for a brisk walk, at the computer by 8:15. Work until noon, break, and back at it from about 1:00 to 4:00. . . after which I do appointments, see people, make dinner, see a movie, do household stuff. . . all the rest of life.

This schedule requires going to bed about 10 o'clock. sigh. I seldom make it by 10. So the 6:00 thing seldom happens.

Hey, maybe I ought to try it for a few days and report back.

Jaye Wells said...

Perfect work day involves writing non-stop for at least 5 hours. The 100 or more pages I produce will be brilliant and need no editing.

The perfect non-work day involves lots of chocolate and a day spa. The hunky masseuse is optional, but recommended. After a day of pamerping, the babysitter arrives and hubby and I head out for an evening on the town.

Helen Brenna said...

Betina, I'm hoping that was your perfect work day. You do take days off, right?

Jaye, I like the concept - 20 perfect pages an hour.

I'll settle for meeting my writing goals for the day with enough time left over to accomplish several tasks I avoid, like cleaning out a closet, or balancing my checkbook for the past 6 months. Lunch with a friend, a walk with the dogs. Of course the dinner I've chosen is something everyone loves, so everyone is happy.

Perfect day off in any order: work-out, do something with the whole family, eat out, movie, reading. Nap!

Kristen Painter said...

A perfect work day - my agent calls with news that my latest manuscript has gone to auction.

A perfect day off - my agent interupts my massage at the Maui Westin Spa to tell my my latest manuscript has gone to auction.

I'm a simple girl with simple needs.

Helen Brenna said...

An AUCTION! Yes, Kristen, great idea. I need to think bigger.

Debra Dixon said...

Perfect work day? That would be the day I realize that I no longer need to actually work because all my financial plans have fallen into place and I can now "play" at working. :)

A good work day for me is when I can look at my "to do" stack and realize that not only have I not added to it, but I've reduced its size.

A good writing day is producing more than 5 pages of good usable work. I think my record for one day is 21 pages. Prior to that the record was 12 pages of manuscript. (I'm a final draft writer, not a first draft writer so my pages are "finished" pages. Wish I could be a draft writer and write faster, but that's just not me.)

Perfect day off is one in which I wake up to a freshly cleaned house and can spend time in my quilt studio.

Mistress Regina said...

I must consider whether these days would involve the same lover. Or whether there would be one with whom work time would be shared and another for time away from the office. An interesting question; I will have to ponder those options and make a point of returning to you.

Might you provide additional parameters? I am thinking of a qiute different lovers; a male and a female. Both are quite delicious.

Helen Brenna said...

In the end, Mistress Regina, I'm thinking that your own parameters are the only ones that matter.

Susan Kay Law said...

A perfect work day is one where I wake up and about ten glorious pages have somehow appeared in my computer overnight, so I'm already done. (Hey, my family includes sleep-walkers and sleep-talkers - why not a sleep-writer?)

Perfect day off? Not one single thing that I HAVE to do. If I'm on the top of a mountain, there's a foot of new powder, and my kids are in the process of proving just how much better skiers they are than I am, that's as good as it gets.