Saturday, September 02, 2006


i came up with the idea of PROJECT PIMP SQUAD -- 100 BLOGGERS BLOGGING back in July. i thought it would be great if 100 people would post the Pale Immortal book video on their blogs on September 5. This idea came about after my daughter posted a parody she'd made for a contest on youTube and it ended up being a featured video and got 100,000 views in a few days. So people said, "Wouldn't it be great if your book video could get that kind of exposure?" That was the pimp-squad trigger. I also think it will be an interesting experiment. How much power does the blogging community have? Can we have any impact?

But now my focus has shifted slightly. Most people who are planning to blog are already in line, so i say we slap the info up on Sept 5, then focus on having a huge, all-day internet party. yes, there will be drinking! yes, there might even be nudity!

Kind of a BLOG CRAWL. Where we go from blog to blog and check out the parties. If you post a comment on my blog, visitors will have an automatic link to your blog.

as far as what to post about Pale Immortal -- post whatever strikes your fancy. a book synopsis. the cover. a review. the video itself would be very nice!!!

the easiest if you're pressed for time: post a link to the pale immortal blog and visitors can find the video there.

if you want to put the video on your blog: use the imbedded video code on the youtube site.


if you are on my PIMP SQUAD EMAIL LIST, i will email the code to you and all you have to do is cut and paste. that email will be going out saturday night or sunday morning. it's something you might want to save to sell on ebay when i'm in prison for killing the neighbors.

here's just one post idea:

Watch the Pale Immortal music video, listen to the soundtrack and mp3s, read the first two chapters, and learn more at:

(or a synopsis)

Welcome to Tuonela, a sleepy Wisconsin town haunted by events of 100 years ago, when a man who may have been a vampire slaughtered the town's citizens and drank their blood. Now, another murderer is killing the most vulnerable...and draining their bodies of blood.
Evan Stroud lives in darkness. The pale prisoner of a strange disease that prevents him from ever seeing the light of day, he lives in tragic solitude, taunted for being a "vampire." When troubled teenager Graham Stroud appears on Evan's doorstep, claiming to be his long-lost son, Evan's uneasy solitude is shattered.
Having escaped Tuonela's mysterious pull for several years, Rachel Burton is now back in town, filling in as coroner. Even as she seeks to identify the killer, and uncover the source of the evil that seems to pervade the town, she is drawn to Evan by a power she's helpless to understand or resist....
As Graham is pulled deeper and deeper into Tuonela's depraved, vampire-obsessed underworld, Rachel and Evan team up to save him. But the force they are fighting is both powerful and elusive...and willing to take them to the very mouth of hell.


Kelly Parra said...

It's going to be fun, Anne! =D

Helen Brenna said...

Anne, do you have any clue how many you have signed up so far?

anne frasier said...

kelly, it is going to be a blast! the book sales are completely out of my control at this point, so i'm just going to enjoy the party no matter what happens!

helen, i have about 70 (including myspace people) right now, but i'm guessing at least 20 of those will forget or be unable to post on that day. it's kind of a busy time of the year. i never dreamed i'd get 50, let alone 70. i was really hoping for 30!
i hope we don't break blogger. :D

Helen Brenna said...

That's a good turnout. My daughter has a my space page. Can she set it up?

anne frasier said...

helen, it can be put on myspace but it's a little harder.

Betina Krahn said...

I don't know where my comment went. . . Blogger's definitely got issues this weekend.

Anyway, I believe I said I don't have a separate blog, but I'd be willing to do something here!

Good Luck, Anne!

anne frasier said...

thanks, betina!! like helen said, i'm thinking it will be happy hour all day long!!

now i'm going to google liver cleansing.

Helen Brenna said...

Beets. Lots of beets to clean the liver, and dark leafy veggies.