Monday, September 11, 2006

Get GETAWAY GIRL (you want it; you know you do)

[Date should read 9/12/06]
So today is the official release of my latest Bombshell, GETAWAY GIRL

Page down a few posts to read the August 25th interview Anne Frasier did with me about Getaway Girl. Thanks, Anne, for the interview!
And since we've been talking shopping lately, can I just say my heroine would sneer at high heels. How to slam down the accelerator while wearing those awkward things? Or to run away from the bad guys? Give her a comfy pair of Doc Martens and she's one happy chick.
Her shopping fetish? Cars. Fast, pretty cars. Her drive of choice? A BMW 5 series. (Check the cover art above, it's got a sweet silver 5 series on it; though my heroine prefers it in Barrique Red). Yep, that car will get her wherever she wants to go. Fast.
But her ultimate shopping fantasy? A Bugatti Veyron 16.4.

Sweet, isn't it? Yep, this little baby will set you back a quarter of a million dollars. While researching GG I happened across this car. The ultimate speed machine (according to the guys, you know). It goes zero to sixty in like less than four seconds. And it's like 1001 horsepower. Everything about it is extreme. So, I had to use it in the story. But it's very impractical for a getaway-car driver to be crusing around in something so, well, obvious. So I've found a rather clever way to include it in the story. Let's just say at the end, when the heroine confesses her love to the hero (no secrets revealed here! Of course, it's a HEA ending), does she confess love because she's standing in the hero's arms, or because she's looking over his shoulder at the Bugatti?
Oh, and another thing I learned from a very helpful Master of All Car Knowledge guy I met online? It's physically impossible to have sex in a Bugatti. Unless you want to damage some body parts (and I'm not talking the front quarter panel on the car). But I worked around that one, too. :-)
So if you want a fast, adventurous read, give Getaway Girl a try. You don't even have to like cars. It's not about the car, it's about the woman behind the wheel. :-)



Betina Krahn said...

Michele, I pre-ordered this weeks ago and they wouldn't sent it to me until the release date! I'm dying to get my hands on it! I love cars, too. LOVE driving. Used to be able to identify the year and make of every American made auto ever made. . . back in the (gasp) seventies! Yes, even Packards and Studebakers.

Loved the Bugatti. Toight will dream of rubbing it all over with baby oil.

Sally said...

I never even heard of that car until I read your book and then I had to look it up. It is SWEET.

lois greiman said...

What I reallllly want to know is how you went about asking the Master of All Car Stuff if there was room to have sex. Give us the play by play here, Michele.

Helen Brenna said...

I just started GG last night and love it. With that Bugatti scene you've got me wanting to finish it FAST!!

Sounds like a fun story to write, Michele!

Michele said...

:-) Hmm, me and the Master of Car Stuff... How did I ask? I'd been emailing him for weeks, so knew he was very approachable and had a great sense of humor. I think every car we discussed, eventually, I also tossed out the sex question. He very (unblushingly) responded as we all know men, cars and sex seem to go together swimmingly (or is that drivingly??).

Anyway, I thanked him in the acknowledgements, but didn't mention the sex. (Hey, I also dedicated it to The Hubby. And since I knew that The Hubby woud at least read the ded. and ack. I couldn't have him wondering.) :-)
Oh dear, Betina! I'm getting a visual of you, the cars and your shoes! Yikes! Thinking of something else...thinking of something else...


Michelle Buonfiglio said...

OK, my very first real boyfriend drove a Studebaker. But now you've got me thinking about cars. I never noticed them much before, but lately, you bombshell types (michele) have been getting me interested.

And then you mention shoes in the same post? I work at home, had been an at home mom for years. I had NO, I mean no clothes to wear toe RWA convention, so I had to go shopping, which i despise.

But the shoes! I wore gorgeous shoes in some incarnation of heels every day and it felt glorious!

Pedicures, sexy shoes, and sleek cars, preferably Italian. This is what you all and your romance novels have done to me.

Grazie. Life. Is. Good.

Debra Dixon said...

I'm married to a car guy. Right now he's restoring a 67 Chevelle ss396. We were "interviewed" by the restorer. I swear. He had to come to the house and put "eyes on" the car before he would agree to do the work. Before he left he offered to buy the car. Apparently the "numbers" match and that's a big deal in restoring.

Anytime Hubby says, "No, that's not in the budget." ...the restorer guy calls back and says, "Look I can't not do that. So, what if I only charge you for materials and no labor?"

LOL! And the first week he had it in the shop, he called and asked Hubby to bring down his car cover. The guy's shop was getting nothing done because everyone wanted to play with the car and he had to keep answering, "Is that for sale?"

Hubby has been having a fine time playing the "big dog." Of course we've had this car for 18 years and he's just now had the money to finally do the big stuff he wants done. So, I guess it's fair that since he waited so long he gets to really enjoy the "ride."

I guess I need to let him read GG when I'm done!

Michele said...

Wow, Deb! Well now, GG is weird for me, cause I'm not a car chick at all. Have no interest in them, though I do like 'em cute. (Just bought myself a Mini Cooper) But I did like the idea of a getaway car driver, so I immersed myself in the car world for a few months there, which I found fascinating, and talk about a completely different language! But I'm over it now, much to the Hubby's disappointment (he's a Nascar fanatic).
So while I can relate, I like to stand on the sidelines and watch the cars drive by. And oh can I drive the Hubby nuts by driving the speed limit! :-)