Wednesday, August 09, 2006

A Day in Helen's Life

Being newly published means, for me, exploring some strange, sometimes wondrous territory. And during the summer, it means doing that exploration while the kids are home full time.

Last week I did my first line edits. This is where an editor goes through a manuscript, in this case TREASURE, line by line with suggestions for improvement. I then went through her edits, line by line, either accepting her change, changing her change to something I think works better, or asking her to leave in the original format. It was like having a critique group, only better. There were just a few spots where I disagreed with her suggestions.

Oh, and I found out last week they might change the title. Marketing didn’t think TREASURE fit the look of Super covers. Huh? What's the matter with these marketing people? I can see Annie and Jake in any one of these scenes and on a Super cover. Am I wrong here?

I’m also waiting for my editor to read and give me feedback on my second Superromance, THE SUN HUNTER. (Title change nearly certain here.) I may have signed two contracts, but I’m still biting my nails waiting to find out if she likes my book. Some things never change.

I’m also brainstorming ideas for a third book for Superromance, and this is probably the weirdest part of my journey so far. When I met with my editor at the Atlanta conference, she said they’d like two books a year from me. To keep to that timeframe, I need to take an idea from the concept stage to finished manuscript by February/March 2007. This might not seem like a big deal to some of you, buy my past books have taken anywhere from one to two years to write. Yikes!

Tell me, please, when does school start?


Kelly Parra said...

Helen, I'm newly pubbed myself and trying out the 2 books a year thing, and I have 2 kiddos at home this summer. Ugh. It's been tough for me too, but hang in there!

Michele said...

Oh, the joys of the newly published. It's such fun, isn't it, Helen? And two books a year? You can do it!


anne said...

i was thinking you and kelly sound like you're in similar situations. and a book from concept to completion by feb/march? yikes! part of that yikes comes because my current publisher takes 7 months to approve a concept.

anne said...

oh, and titles. maybe treasure has been used too much. i'm not crazy about it. how about treasure hunters? maybe they don't like the word hunter. i love the sun hunter.

Betina Krahn said...

Ah, Helen, the heartbreak of cover disappointment and "titlus interruptus." It's something we've all suffered. Did you send them those wonderful photos?
Okay, guys, I'm kickin' in ten dollars toward the hit man. Who's with me?

Helen Brenna said...

Thanks, Kelly. You hang in there too!

Michele, Ms Prolific, I don't even want to talk to you about my measly 2 books/year.

Anne, I love the Sun Hunter title, but it's too single title for Super. It actually was a ST that almost sold several times. And they'd never go for Treasure Hunter, either.

And Betina, yes, today I sent my editor the one with the couple kissing on the beach. Isn't cute? Can't you just see that as a cover?

Ten bucks? Hell, I'll kick in at least fifty!