Sunday, July 16, 2006

What's Up With This?

Generally speaking, I’m attracted to dark haired, five o-clock shadow type actors who play dark heroes and bad boys. You know the type, sullen, brooding, men too sexy to be human. Jude Law does nothing for me. I enjoy his movies, think he’s a great actor, but I feel no pull toward him as a man. Clive Owen on the other hand … well, that’s for another day and another blog.

My point is that every once in a while, an actor slips between my parameters. A guy I never would have believed I’d find attractive sneaks up and surprises me. Take Owen Wilson, for example.

The first big movie he starred in was Armageddon. He played quirky Oscar Choi, and I honestly don’t remember him. I was too caught up in Liv Tyler’s beauty, Ben Affleck’s charm, Steve Buscemi’s bizarro character, and the fact that I can’t stand Bruce Willis. But when I watched Shanghai Noon, the comedy western with Jackie Chan, Owen Wilson popped off the screen for me. I remember thinking, “Who is this guy, and why have I never seen him before?”

I just saw You, Me and Dupree yesterday afternoon, and you’d think I’d find myself drawn to Matt Dillon’s dark masculinity. Noooo, I’m mesmerized my Dupree. The strange thing about Owen is that I can hate the movie and love watching him, broken nose and all. He’s not buff or handsome in the typical Hollywood sense, and the list of his so-so movies is as long as my arm. But I always enjoy his performance.

Help me out here. What is it about the guy? Am I alone in this, or are there other Owen Wilson lovers out there?
Are there other actors you think are to die for and other women just don’t get it?


amy*skf said...

Owen Wilson is beautiful in his imperfection. His eyes are mesmerizing. His nose makes you think you could possibly get a date with him.

Rent the movie Wedding Crashers.

Betina Krahn said...

Helen, we must be on the same wave length. . . Clive Owen and Owen Wilson. What is the "Owen" factor? The stubble? Partly. The eyes. Definitely. They both have interesting noses.

Owen Wilson has developed a character who is unique in filmology and in fiction: the lovable, good-hearted perennial hippie/seeker in the modern capitalist world. And it works when paired with Jackie Chan or Vince Vaughn or Kate Hudson.

He's remarkable, I think. And getting better all the time. It may be the distracted spirituality of his characters that draws me. They're oddly indifferent to the intensity of the setting and problems around them, because he's always focused on more internal processes and eternal verities than the folks around him. And in the end he has an impact on the world and his fellow characters. It works in the old west or in modern suburbia. Interesting.

LOVED "You Me & Dupree."

Helen Brenna said...

Accessibility. You're right, Amy. Never thought of that. Wedding Crashers is on my list - love Vince Vaughn too.

Betina, I can tell you've spent some time thinking about this and definitely nailed him!!! You know what else is amazing about him? He can play action/dramas too. Loved him in Behind Enemy Lines.

JENNA said...

Everyone has that 'hmmmm' guy, who they like but know they probably shouldn't. Mine is Johnny Knoxville.

Candace said...

Obviously, I'm going to have to rent a couple of Owen Wilson flicks. I usually stay away from his movies because of the subject matter; I'm not a fan of kung-fo fighting and the trailers from the Wedding Crasher and Dupree make them look like they're aimed at developmentally delayed teenage boys. But if all you smart, savvy women see something else in Owen Wilson, I will definitely have to re-assess the situation. As to the other Owen -- loved him in King Arthur; hated him in that one with Julia Roberts (or maybe it was just that I found the whole movie--what was the title?!--just too, too depressing and world-weary

I do, however, like Bruce Willis. The cocky, smart-ass type has always appealed to me.

anne frasier said...

i wonder if some of the appeal to that kind of guy is just how natural they are and how unselfconscious. i find myself drawn to that.

Helen Brenna said...

Jenna - Johnny Knoxville ... you bad girl, you! But there is something a bit intangible about him too, isn't there?

Candace, yes, you should definitely give Owen Wilson a shot. Shanghai Noon is my favorite, but he's hilarious in Zoolander, if you can stomach Ben Stiller's antics. And the Royal Tenenbaum's is interesting - he co-wrote that script.

Anne, I agree. He does seem very natural. Like you could sit down and carry on a conversation with him.

As for Clive Owen - anyone see Sin City? Bizarre movie. I think I was the only person in the entire theater laughing my butt off!

Betina Krahn said...

Sin City! Yes! Bizarre movie, but fascinating. Did I hear they're making an SC II? Ooooh, I have to go back and see that one again.

Helen Brenna said...

Sin City II - cool! Okay, Betina, I have to know. Did you laugh too, or am I too far out there to live?

amy*skf said...

I'm gonna get off the track here, but how about the BBC series Second Sight, starring...ta da Clive Owen. You can rent it from the library and he is so damaged and delicious at the same time.

I think I love Clive Owen the best. Of everybody. Except maybe my husband. And children.

Helen Brenna said...

Oooh, never heard of Second Sight. Something new to watch. Thanks Amy!

Kathleen Eagle said...

Amy, I love SECOND SIGHT! Count me in on the Clive Owen fans. Owen Wilson is fun to watch--just want to pinch his cheeks and ruffle his hair. But Clive inspires other thoughts.

Kathleen Eagle said...

Oh, yeah, and I generally prefer the darker male, too--dark eyes, dark hair, a touch broody--but what about Viggo Mortensen? Now, there's a hunk.

Betina Krahn said...

Kathy, I was a big Viggo fan, too, until I saw "A History of Violence." Now when I see him all I can think of is that horrible rape scene on the steps that seemed to go on forever and made me gasp, squirm, and finally withdraw from the whole movie. Too bad that it's tainted him for me. I still LOVE "Hidalgo." Now I cheer for the horse.