Thursday, July 13, 2006

Dynamic Duo

Betina Krahn here. Let me introduce you to the schnauzers of legend. First is Ticonderoga, whom we call "Tyke." He's a lover and a dancer (literally) who has a mind of his own and thinks the furniture in my office is HIS office.

This is Tippicanoe, called "Tippi" who is our household princess. She knows she's cute and she uses it shamelessly. For the record, she had her ears cropped before she became a Krahn. Relentlessly cheerful, she never seems to have a bad day.

Together they're quite a team and play or nap in my office as I work. They also remind me when it's time for lunch or some exercise. Rex had to pass the sniff and lick test with them before he could become part of the family.


Helen Brenna said...

We had schnauzers when I was a kid. Love them, great dogs. Fun, protective, smart. They're cuties, Betina!

Kelly Parra said...

Hi Betina,
I grew up with my aunt's prize Schnauzers. They always protected her home, barking at everyone. =D
Tyke and Tippi are too cute!

anne frasier said...

they are so cute!!

kelly mentioned barking....

are those no-bark collars i see on both of them?


Kathleen Eagle said...

Betina, are those chew marks on your state-of-the-art walking shoe?

Betina Krahn said...

Yes, Anne, I confess, we have to drag out the bark collars once in a while for a refresher course. We live in a neighborhood that doesn't tolerate much yipping.

And no, Kathy, no chew marks on the MBT's. It's not that my shoes are toxic or anything-- the dynamic duo just aren't big chewers. Also, I was so sorry to hear about Cisco. He was a true love.