Thursday, June 08, 2006

Guilty Pleasures: Visual

Yep, you know what I mean. The stuff that gives us great pleasure to view, peruse and linger on. More specifically: What's your favorite guilty pleasure movie?

I'm asking because, to be honest, I have ulterior motives. I feel any good blog should never avoid the opportunity to display a chunk of manflesh every now and then. :-) Trust me, it all ties together.

What movie do you like to watch, over and over, strictly because it's so much fun, interesting, or just plain fascinating to view? I'm not talking movies with a message, or documentaries. I'm talking visual excitement. It may be a historical drama with costumes so detailed and gorgeous and accurate it gives you, yes, the patented 'costume orgasm'. (Hey! It exists!) Those movies are Farinelli and Dangerous Liaisons for me. It may be be a CGI animated cartoon that fascinates you merely because some of those silly animal characters are getting so detailed nowadays. How DO they do that? Just saw Over The Hedge. I could get lost in the detail of that movie! It could be one particular scene in a movie that gets you. Hey, it could be a well-executed sex scene. Maybe a silent scene that pulls off emotion so well you just shake your head in agreement. Whatever it is, you love to watch it over and over.

So my favorite guilty pleasure movie is The Transporter. It's about a getaway-car driver. Heck, I'm not into cars. Or violence. Or even the insistent rap music that plays in the background of this movie. It's all about the actor: Jason Statham. He is my guilty visual pleasure. Now, he's not even, to me, the most physically attractive fellow. An average guy, I'd say. Until you see him in action. To say the fight scenes in this movie are incredible is putting it lightly. They're so original. The fight in an oil slick in a bus garage being just one delicious moment. And the actor makes you feel as if he really does know that karate/judo/kung-fu/whatever-it-is-he-does stuff during the fights. And yeah, he goes from average to sexy in a split second the moment he gets that fierce look on his face, and you just know the bad guys are going to get it. Muscles, action, over-the-top fight sequences. But a silly thrill to me, who likes to watch the movie over and over. The man is buff, and that adds to the overall enjoyment. There is a sex scene, but it's so brief, and the bedroom door is literally closed after the couple get together. So it's all about the action for me. There's no 'message', it's just some darn good fun.

I love the movie so much, I had to write a story with my own getaway car driver. Sort of my tip-of-the-hat to the film. But my version features a female driver. It'll be out this September, and you know I'll be plugging it here. :-)

So what's the movie you watch over and over? And what about it draws you back again and again? Is it the costumes and scenery? The stylish look of the film? Or some sexy chunk of manflesh. ;-)


Helen Brenna said...

I generally don’t watch movies twice. But if I do, chances are it’ll be an action movie, like The Matrix – I get a kick out of watching the choreography of the fight scenes. Then again, I like my romantic adventures, like The Princess Bride, or Pirates of The Caribbean, romance, adventure, and comedy. I love listening to the dialogue in that movie. Now that I think about it, there are also a few romantic comedies I’ve watched several times, like While You Were Sleeping.

Oh, and I LOVE Jason Stratham too.

His character in The Transporter movies is an incredibly sexy bad good guy. He’s human, nowhere near perfect. He transports things, no questions asked, so you know he’s done some bad things for some bad people. Still, he has a line he won’t cross, and when the bad guys cross that line? Watch out!

If you haven’t seen him in Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and its sequel Snatch, check them out. You get to see him in a bit of a different light, sexy AND funny.

Did I mention that I LOVE Jason Stratham? :)

Kathleen Eagle said...

I'm going to buy "The Princess Bride" when the new ed comes out (soon) and will be first in line to see "Pirates" part II wne it comes out (soon). When my daughter got married I gave her a copy of THE PRINCESS BRIDE (the book) and the groom rec'd a copy of THE LAST GOOD MAN (written by his new M-I-L). She could practically recite the whole movie--she has that gift.

But for delicious visual pleasure, off the top of my head, "Like Water For Chocolate" was breathtaking. "Chocolat"--Johnny Depp was particularly sweet as a gypsy. And, yes, I've been dreaming of chocolate a lot lately. Dieting seems to make one dream in living flavors.
"Dangerous Liasons" is wonderful for costumes and, oh, the romance. The characters! And what about "Dangerous Beauty" for terrific historical romance and all that goes with it? Oh, and I can watch "The Big Easy" anytime.

anne frasier said...

last night i watched harold and kumar go to white castle. that felt like a guilty pleasure. even when i was laughing out loud.