Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Anne's pets

Meet Latoya, who lost a leg in a farming accident many years ago. The accident put an abrupt end to his farming career and he's been suffering an identity crisis ever since. "Who am I if I can no longer farm?"

But that doesn't keeps him from afternoon yoga.

Meet Harry, the incredible barfing dog. Two minutes in a car and Harry is throwing up. This was taken today at the Minnehaha Falls dog park in Minneapolis. The park is beautiful and amazing, bordered on one side by the Mississippi River where Harry's just been for a swim. Harry is my son's dog.


Helen Brenna said...

Anne, Latoya is some industrious kitty. My cats need no other purpose in life than sleeping!

Is Harry an Australian Shepherd?

anne said...

helen, yes he is an australian shepherd. i used to think dog parks were ridiculous, but australian shepherds have so much energy and the park has been great for harry. great for any dog, really.

anne said...

oh, hey! i see you have an australian shepherd too!
i love them. they're so smart, and they can be real weirdasses -- something i also like about them. :D

Betina Krahn said...

Such cool critters! And that Latoya, with her/his identity crisis. . . too good. Boy do I envy you the dog park. Somewhere around here is a dog beach. I have to find out where.

Michele said...

Anne, I think I've got a cat related to your barfing dog. Soon as we get inside that car... Yike!


anne said...

betina, you should definitely search out the dog beach! here i think it's 50 bucks a year for a dog park membership. not bad at all.

michele, a barfing cat! that's a new one for me. i've had a lot of cats, but never a barfing one. we've tried different things with harry, but nothing seems to work.

Kathleen Eagle said...

We had Aussies, too. Cisco is pictured with me on my website. We had to put him down a few months ago--cancer--at the age of 13. It hit me really hard, I tell you. I wasn't prepared. I can still hear him getting ready to greet me on the other side of the door when I come home. (And, boy, is that a laoded statement, huh?) We've always had dogs, but we haven't found the heart to get another one, and I don't know if we will.

anne said...

kathleen, i had to go back and read that again before i got the other side of the door statement. too funny.

we've always had aussies. they have so much personality, and it's heartbreaking when they get old. sometimes i think about getting a dog, but then i kind of like just being a grandma to harry.