Saturday, July 22, 2006


I firmly believe a cover can make or break a career. A standout cover is especially important for new and emerging writers.

This is how it happens:
Reader walks into book store.
Cool cover!
Name? Nobody I’ve heard of.
But cool cover!

Picks it up. Enjoys the way it feels. Turns it over, reads description.
If the browser is still hooked, she opens book, flips through pages, reads/skims first page. Maybe one or two more pages. Puts it back or buys it.

In a matter of seconds the book you spent a year writing is chosen or rejected.

I’ve asked the other members of Riding to join me in posting favorite covers, preferably from their own books. Please tell us why you like the cover. I’d also love to know if you think the cover had an impact on sales.

(If I did this correctly, all the covers should appear below this post.)


Kelly Parra said...

It's sad that you've come close to describing my browsing of authors I've never heard of before. Yikes! But this should be cool to check out. Thanks, Anne!

Helen Brenna said...

Okay, now I'm not worried at all about what my first cover will look like!

Yikes, is right.

anne frasier said...

they say the cover thumbs up/thumbs down happens in a fraction of a second. pretty scary. or exciting if you have a knockout cover!

Matt Cooper said...

I love your Blog, very interesting!!
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Detective Matt

anne said...

hey, spam from a detective.

that's funny!!